End of a chapter, but not the story

I know it’s been a while since the last post, however, I felt compelled to come back and explain my almost 1 year absence. A few weeks after posting my first article we tragically had to say good bye to our sweet Isa. The announcement was as follows:

Friends and family,
It is with heavy heart that we are finally able to share our sad news. Over two weeks ago, Michael and I said goodbye to Isa, our beloved 11 year old Great Dane. As you may have known, for the past year Isa has battled several complications resulting from a disease known as Mega-Esophagus. After a rapid decline in her health this month we made the heart breaking decision to let our sweet girl get some rest. Thank you all for your thoughts and well wishes over the past several months. Most importantly thank you for being friends with our sweet old girl Isa – the Greatest Dane.

Goodbye sweet girl.

After losing Isa on July 13th, it took another two weeks for my husband and me to feel comfortable enough to even share the sad news.  The healing process is still an ongoing journey. It took 3 months, a move, and many miles of stress busting runs for me to get through a day without shedding a tear.

To those of you who have recently experienced a similar loss – I am deeply and truly sorry. The heartbreak literally leaves you feeling as though a hole was cut out from your heart. I’ve found that even during my happiest days I could never quite feel whole again. Sometimes, I still think I will see Isa saunter in my room and look at me with her “move over, I want to snuggle” face, and it kills me to know I won’t ever get to again. But life – as they say – goes on.

Today, I try not to think of my suffering as some kind of punishment, instead I’ve learned to embrace the feeling. I remind myself that I feel this way because I now know what its like to love and be loved unconditionally. There’s no physical object on earth that can replace these feelings, and a broken heart is such a small price to pay for such a deep bond.

So, on this note, yes, I am saying goodbye to my beautiful girl, but also thanking her. For Isa opened my heart and prepared me to become an wonderful pet parent, and even better human. She showed me how to love.

A wonderful end of the day photo,

Isa walking home.


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